Columbia University

The Promise of the Brain
"Unlocking the biology of the mind is the defining scientific challenge of the next century."
— Dr. Thomas Jessell
This new research facility will place Columbia scientists at the forefront of efforts to bridge the biology of the mind with other areas of knowledge.

Construction of the Jerome L. Greene Science Center, the future home of the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, is underway on Columbia’s Manhattanville campus. Led by professors Richard Axel, Thomas Jessell (pictured here), and Eric Kandel, the Institute will open up new areas of collaboration within the sciences, social sciences, the arts, and humanities—addressing the roots of human behavior as well as the causes of neurological and psychiatric diseases. This state-of-the-art research center will be the nation’s largest private academic facility dedicated to brain research, a home for the world’s leading neuroscientists to investigate complex questions of the brain and mind. Renowned architect Renzo Piano has designed the center to facilitate collaboration and interaction, with an eye to engaging and educating the public.

Meet The Donor: Dawn M. Greene

New York City and Columbia University lost a forward-looking philanthropist with the passing of Dawn M. Greene ’08HON in August 2010. As president and CEO of the Jerome L. Greene Foundation, Mrs. Greene continued a tradition of philanthropy in education, the arts, and medicine begun by her late husband, Jerome L. Greene ’26CC, ’28LAW, a prominent New York lawyer and real estate investor who died in 1999. In total, the Greene family and the foundation gave nearly $300 million to the University, including a $250 million transformational gift in support of the Jerome L. Greene Science Center.


“Dawn was a visionary who established as her top priority support for the study of mind, brain, and behavior, because she saw it as the most compelling intellectual challenge of the 21st century,” said President Lee C. Bollinger.



Published: June 2011