Columbia University

Committed to the Core
"It’s important to give back to the places that influence your life."
— Colin Sullivan
Photo credit: Eileen Barroso
A student who worked to raise money for the Columbia College Fund says giving to the University is a lifelong commitment.

For students at Columbia College, the Core Curriculum lays the groundwork for lifelong learning and critical thinking. Classes like Contemporary Civilization and Literature Humanities inspire students to develop insights about themselves and the world around them, helping them to derive knowledge and wisdom critical to both their studies and their future lives. The experience has also proven to be a touchstone that unites alumni whose time at the College is separated by years, even decades.

Annual giving not only provides vital direct support to Core programs, it also helps support some of the conditions that make the Core remarkable. By providing financial aid, for example, the Columbia College Fund helps ensure the diversity of voices in the classroom that is one of the hallmarks of the Core experience.

Beyond Core programs and financial aid, the College Fund provides funding for many aspects of the student experience, including summer internships, career education, student advising, and residential life programs. Outside Columbia College, donations to annual funds and alumni funds provide equally critical support at each of the University’s schools and units.

Meet The Donor: Colin Sullivan ’11CC

Like many of his classmates, Colin Sullivan ’11CC of Greenwich, Conn., enjoyed an active extracurricular career at Columbia. He served for three years as an admissions tour guide, co-chaired the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee that coordinates events for prospective and admitted students, sat on the Spectator’s managing board as alumni director, and took pictures for the newspaper and other campus publications. In Fall 2011, the former political science major begins work at Booz & Company in New York.


Sullivan also served on the Class of 2011’s Senior Fund executive committee, which raised money for the Columbia College Fund. In addition to working with fellow committee members to develop fundraising strategies and personally soliciting gifts from classmates, he supported the fund as a donor — one of more than 950 seniors who had given through early May. “By raising money to improve the Core Curriculum, financial aid, student affairs, and internship opportunities, we make sure that future generations of students have even greater opportunities than those we enjoyed,” he says. Sullivan has already joined the Young Alumni Committee: “I’ve gotten a lot out of my time at Columbia, and I want to give back. I know that I will continue to support Columbia every year.”



Published: June 2011